Early SAT Prep Tuition Savings Ends May 9!

Early tuition discount ends May 9The early-bird discount for the June SAT prep class ends May 9.   Use the code EARLYAPLUS and save on tuition for the course that has helped hundreds of NC students score higher on the SAT and earn college scholarships.

Remember: students who are serious about college should take the SAT before their senior year. Why?

  1. Getting a good score now makes senior year less stressful. (Students can focus on other, more fun aspects of senior year.)

2. Students will have more time to prepare if they retest. (There’s only one month between tests in the fall).

 3.  Getting a good score early maximizes a student’s  chance for scholarships. (Earlier in the school year is when more money is available.)  

4. Time is money.  (Many students who wait end up retesting numerous times during their senior year to achieve higher scores because of stress and a crammed schedule and often spend much more money to do so than they would have if they had begun the process much earlier. Also, scholarship money is running out.  See #3.)

5. Rising JUNIORS & SOPHOMORES, the SAT will be completely redesigned in 2016.  Avoid the unknown.

The next A+ SAT Prep course begins June 3; register by May 9 and get $25 off (use the code EARLYAPLUS).  

Register early; save time and money!

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