Free College Planning Seminar for Parents & Students

Free College Planning Session for Parents & Students
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
6:30 pm
Comfort Suites RDU
5219 Page Road, Durham, NC
Get a jump-start on the college admissions planning process.  Experts will lead sessions that focus on
  • Key factors (academic & non-academic)  in applying to colleges
  • What makes the “best fit” school
  • How to increase chances of financial aid
  • Key differences between the SAT & ACT and determining which test a student should take
  • How students can use test scores to qualify for scholarships
  • Best practices for preparing to take the SAT/ACT
Program will conclude with a Q&A.  Don’t be the parent or student who ends up saying, “I wish I had known . . .”  Attend this program and be prepared to make this educational journey a smooth one.  Seating is limited. Register HERE to reserve your seat.
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